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Jun 04, 2021


Hundreds of thousands of our loved ones die each year and are entombed in a graveyard nearby. As Canadians, we produce over 700 Kg of garbage per person each year, and most of that gets entombed in a graveyard nearby.  We just tend to call it a landfill. Let's do our part to use the earth for those we want to remember, rather than what we would like to forget!

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Apr 01, 2019

Who's the Fool??

Here’s a shout out to all Calgarians: Weekly Green Bin pick up starts back up again on April 1st! Needless to say, we’re excited about this. Not only is this an imminent sign of spring, but it means we are back to getting a better bang for our buck. Well, “better” would be better suited in quotes, as like your garden in the spring, we’re still getting hosed. Back in 2016, the City of Calgary completed its organic pilot project and proposed the rest of the city receive green bins to help reduce municipal waste by approximately 50%1. Of course, this would cost tax payers a hefty $6.50 per month. That sum would be worth every penny considering Canadians generate...

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