1. I’m interested in your diaper service. Your website has the price listed at $139.99. Is that a monthly price? Is this a start-up price? Are there any contracts or obligations?

    Our diaper service price is an all-inclusive monthly price (minus the GST, because the government always wants their share). There are no contracts, no obligations. You can cancel at any time - all we ask is that you cancel before the end of the current month or before your next payment comes out.  

  2. What bags are acceptable for collection of my diapers?

    You’re welcome to use any bag you wish. While we do advocate for the use of compostable bags (see our store if you’re interested), any bag will do. All we require is the loose diapers be contained in some way. We will not collect or bag loose diapers.

  3. If we were to sign up for the diaper service and needed more diapers one week (or need a bigger size), how fast does your company deliver more product?

    While we’re not quite as good as Amazon (we don’t have drone delivery yet), we’re still pretty quick. Depending on the time of day you call, we can do same day or next day (at the latest) within Calgary and area.

  4. What brands of diapers do you accept? Do I need to use special diapers? I love the idea of composting diapers - hate thinking of them all sitting in a landfill somewhere!

    Absolutely not! One of the greatest aspects of our business is that we’re brand blind. While we do promote the use of Naty or other eco-friendly diapers, we will accept any disposable diaper that is currently being manufactured.