• Is it really possible to compost diapers, they are not organic??


  • How much of a diaper can actually be composted?

We know it's long but you asked, so here it is!

34.1% fluff pulp, 32.4% SAP, and 3.8% adhesives create and remain in the compost. 16.6% polypropylene, 6% low density polyethylene, 2.2% polyethylene tetraphthalate can all be recycled. Of the 4.8% of "other" that remains, the majority of it can go to waste to energy plants along with any of the other plastics previously listed should they not be acceptable for recycling. This leaves an estimated 1% to go to landfill. However, using the aforementioned processing options, the entire diaper can be diverted from the landfill. 1% is just our conservative estimate


  • What is the process used to compost the diapers?

After we collect your diapers, we bring them back to our facility, they get shredded with other organic materials, then get fed into our in-vessel composter. While the material is in the composter it gets stirred, moves back and forth, sits, gets stirred, moves back & forth and sits some more. Next the compost gets screened, this is where the plastics and trash (which we do not want, as it creates more contaminants in the compost) that are mixed in with the other organic materials we receive gets removed from the compost. For commercial clients we can also accept prepackaged food waste (ie clam shells with rotten expired food), which is currently going to the land fill and not being composed.

  • Isn't human waste dangerous?

Poop is compostable, we ensure that it reaches a high enough temperature to kill any pathogens that make it dangerous.  


  • I’m interested in your diaper service. Your website has the price listed at $139.99. Is that a monthly price? What if we need more diapers or need to change size?

Our diaper service price is an all-inclusive monthly price (minus the GST, because the government always wants their share). There are no contracts. You can cancel at any time - all we ask is that you cancel before the end of the current month or before your next payment comes out.  If you need more diapers and you live in the Calgary area we can usually bring them the same day or the next day. If you need a different size please let us know before the next delivery and we will bring the new size. If you have any diapers left over from the smaller size we will collect them and donate them to the food bank. 

  • What can we put our diapers in for collection?

You’re welcome to use any bag you wish. Some people put the diapers lose in cardboad boxes, these are great because the entire box just goes into the machine and gets composted. While we do advocate for the use of compostable bags, any bag will do. If using compostable bags we ask that they be inside another container, like a trash can, as compostable bags, can break easily. All we require is the loose diapers be contained in some way. We will not collect or bag loose diapers.

  • What brands of diapers do you accept? Do I need to use special diapers? 

 All brands and absolutely no special diapers needed! One of the greatest aspects of our business is that we’re brand blind. We will accept any disposable diaper that is currently being manufactured.

  • Will you collect from dayhomes/daycares or commercial businesses?

Yes, Yes and Yes! Pricing for these services is different due to the volume of diapers. Please contact us for a quote. We will collect from anywhere that has too many diapers! Malls, school, hospitals etc. 



  • How do I update my credit card information?


  • How do I change my subscription?


  • How do I update my address?


  • Cancelation policy

Monthly, bi-weekly or weekly subscriptions can cancel at anytime. We get it, one day your in full diaper mode and the next they are using the potty, yeah!!
If you have paid annually it is not refundale but transferable. 



  • Can I buy this as a gift?

YES. A diaper subscription makes an excellect gift! Mother's Day, Father's Day, Baby shower, maybe the mom who has everthing for baby but you want to find that perfect gift that helps get rid of the extra "crap" laying around and helps the environment. 

  • Is there an extra charge for multiples?

Nope. Your hands are full enough, we don't want to create extra burden!

  • If I am a client do I get compost?

Currently it is not available at this time. We will update our website when this service is offered. 

  • Is there a limit to the number of diapers I can use?

No limit. 

  • Can wipes be included?

Yes, just to keep it simple. 

  • Can you compost feminine hygiene products?

NO. We can not accept this type of product as they are considered bio-hazard waste. Please don't include them!!