Congratulations Calgary on your Green Bin Program!

Congratulations Calgary on your Green Bin Program!

 The implementation of a curb-side organics collection has finally caught you up with the rest of the country. We know that such a great program doesn’t come without critics, so we thought we’d help out with a few tips and tricks on making the most of your program.

There has been some buzz about the countertop pail attracting house and fruit flies, not to mention contributing to unpleasant kitchen odours. Here are some ways to reduce this risk:

  • Eat more fresh foods – more fruits and vegetables will not only contribute to a healthier lifestyle, but will result in emptying your pail more often, thus keeping the risk of pests and odours at a minimum.
  • Use a compostable bag liner – the city provided you with 10 sample bags with your countertop pail. When these bags run out, replacements can easily be purchased at various retailers around the city.  May we recommend an iconic red and white, Canadian box store? They also come in sizes appropriate for the green bin outside.
  • Use a newspaper liner – HERE is a link to instructions on how to fold a newspaper to fit your countertop pail. It’s a great way to repurpose those pesky flyers that get delivered to your house. Shredded newspaper and flyers work well in the bottom of your green bin to soak up spills during the summer or keep items from freezing to the bottom during the winter.
  • Use baking soda – bicarbonate is a well-know odour reducer for fridges and freezers, but works well in your countertop pail as well. If you decide not to use compostable or newspaper liners, it will require rinsing and washing more often, but that will only help avoid pests and odours even more.

Do you still tie a string around your finger to remind you of something? Garbage day perhaps? SIGN UP for scheduled reminders for collection days. You can receive reminders via:

  • Phone, Text, or email
  • Google, iCal, or Outlook
  • Apps via Google play or iTunes
  • Social media alerts
  • Print a calendar at home HERE. Enter your address, click get a reminder, click print a calendar.

Nearly the entire city has a smartphone, so let’s become smart users!

The Green Cart will reduce the number of landfill deposits in the city, but there is still one type of deposit that keeps increasing. Remember, disposable diapers cannot go into the green bin (yet), but there is a great list of do’s and don’ts on the city website. It is more than what you can compost in your backyard and more than you can put down the sink disposal. Here are a few quick reminders:

  • Plastic food containers and bags ought to go in the blue bin
  • Take the stickers off your fruit and vegetables
  • Kitty litter ought to be bagged before putting into the green bin
  • If your Green Bin is full, yard waste will be collected in compostable bags on collection day
  • Branches must be smaller than 4 feet long and less than 6 inches in diameter
  • Grease can be composted, but let it cool before putting in your countertop pail or green bin!

Despite our best efforts we understand that this type of program is not for everyone, but if we all pitch in and do our best to make the most of a service we’re all paying for anyway, we’re certain that we’ll all become accustomed to the new routine and might even be proud of the positive effects we’ve had on our city landfills and the environment in general!